Payday loans can help people cover dental bills, says Umbrella Loans

As the increasing cost of dental work leaves people with bills they struggle to pay, a leading payday loan lender has said that short-term borrowing may be able to help.

Umbrella Loans says that Pay day loans are designed to be a solution to short-term cash flow problem; the type that can be caused by unexpected outgoings, such as dental bills.

It says that if people are told they need to find hundreds of pounds for essential dental treatment and payday is a couple of weeks away, they can be left short of money for the rest of the month. This could make it difficult for them to cover other regular expenses, such as grocery costs, electricity bills or rent.

“There’s no questioning the importance of good oral health,” Umbrella Loans’ spokesperson commented, “but when a dentist tells you about a problem it’s only natural for our first thought to be about how much it might cost. Dental care costs are notoriously high and very difficult to plan for, so it’s very common for people to find themselves in a tough predicament when a bill comes along. Quick payday loans provide a way of managing those costs in the run up to your next pay cheque arriving.”

Payday loans can be applied for online, with a decision available immediately. If accepted, the loan is then transferred into the designated bank account the very same day. However, Umbrella Loans says it’s important that people only use payday loans for short-term borrowing and not as a way of paying off other debts.

“Using a payday loan for a longstanding debt problem could make your situation worse,” the spokesperson said. “Our application process asks questions that can help us determine your suitability for a loan, however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the applicant to ensure they only take on a loan they can repay within 30 days. To help, we provide transparent information on our website about the terms and conditions and full repayment amount.”

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