iHasco Release New Stress Awareness Health and Safety Training Package

The Interactive Health and Safety Company (iHasco) have released a new online training package called Stress Awareness.

Stress, depression and anxiety are the number one cause of lost working days in the UK, with 10.8 million days lost in 2010/11. Providing training to prevent stress or reduce its effects is essential. It is a legal requirement for all staff to undertake health and safety training, and as the Health and Safety Executive state: “This includes minimising the risk of stress-related illness or injury to employees.”

Despite this, stress remains a topic which is widely misunderstood in the UK, causing a great deal of, well, stress. iHasco’s new package will make it much easier for employers to look after the mental health of their staff, while complying with the law. The Stress Awareness package is an interactive computer-based solution, allowing staff members to complete the training in their own time, on any computer with an internet connection or CD drive. The course outlines who is responsible for dealing with the problem, the importance of stress in ‘fight or flight’ situations, and its causes and effects.

All this is done interactively, with videos, images and questionnaires, and you can print out a certificate at the end. A big advantage of the course is that it looks at how to prevent and reduce stress before it becomes a major issue. Everyone gets stressed from time to time, so having some strategies to deal with it can be a great help. Choosing an online course is also cost-effective; they eliminate the costs incurred with hiring a speaker or travelling to attend training elsewhere.

Company Profile

iHasco is a Berkshire based company producing all manner of online health and safety training packages, from manual handling and fire awareness to display screen equipment and slips, trips and falls. All products are offered either online or via CD-ROM, with a free 14 day trial so customers are sure they’re getting exactly what they need. All packages are designed with relevant health and safety legislation in mind to make it easy for employers to be sure they’re meeting their obligations.


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