Sourcing electronic components for critical applications.

TTL Electronics supplies highest reliability electronic components for critical applications in military, space, communications and other markets where reliability and safety are paramount.

There has been an increase in the number of counterfeit and recycled electronic components in the market. This has been driven by factors such as industrial globalisation, extended supply chains and weak law enforcement in some countries.

Even though the majority of these devices will function satisfactorily in standard consumer and commercial application; there are applications that demand high reliability where device failure can have very costly or even dangerous implications. Also, there are some applications where extreme conditions (for example, temperature, pressure or acceleration) can lead to early failure in poor quality devices.

Hi-Rel semiconductors and microwave components offered by TTL Electronics are produced by leading manufacturers with a high reputation for quality. These products will be of guaranteed authenticity and quality as well as meeting a range of industry specifications like MIL-PRF 19500 and MIL-STD-88. They will have been manufactured and tested to ensure high reliability; even under extreme conditions where required.

Electronic component failure can have serious consequences in applications for critical industries like defence, aerospace and health care. These consequences could be damage to expensive equipment or even injury and death. Therefore, for such applications, it is necessary to procure electronic components that have been manufactured and tested for reliability, even when operating under extreme conditions.

Resellers of standard components, which are used in most non-critical commercial and consumer applications, procure these from sources where the reliability and even the authenticity of the device cannot be guaranteed. Such sources might include recycled devices (harvested from discarded electronic equipment) and even counterfeit devices. Such recycled and counterfeit devices have a higher tendency to fail with all the consequences that implies for high reliability applications. Therefore, it is crucial to procure components for critical applications from sources where their reliability, quality and authenticity can be absolutely guaranteed.

TTL Electronics supplies high reliability components, from reputable manufacturers, that have undergone rigorous quality and reliability testing. These high reliability components will be more expensive than their standard counterparts but this additional cost is far outweighed by the consequences of device failure in critical applications.

There are also requirements for discontinued or obsolete electronic components. Such discontinued devices are hard to find. TTL Electronics can source remanufactured obsolete components from reliable manufacturers. They can also provide electronics components in custom packaging to meet a variety of needs. Their services include custom testing so that clients can be sure of the reliability and quality of their remanufactured or repackaged devices.

TTL Electronics has been an industry specialist in high reliability components, remanufactured components and custom packaging for over 20 years. Visit their website, to find out more about the products and services offered.

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