Dragonfly Editorial Can Save the Day — and the Deadline

Dragonfly Editorial is the one-stop solution for all copywriting and editing needs. This high-quality editing firm provides tight copy — on tight deadlines — for any web content editing and technical writing needs.

Presentation is everything. It is common for companies to provide written material for many purposes, particularly in the case of professional credibility. White papers, proposals, reports, fact sheets, the list is practically endless when a business must represent itself on paper.

In these cases, the written word is tantamount to the public face. Copy must be precise, professional and, well, perfect. When a business is in need of solid, well-written copy, Dragonfly Editorial swoops in and does what it does best. Whether it is web content, sales, medical, scientific, business, straight technical writing, or a case study and beyond, Dragonfly Editorial’s specialty is turning large editorials into brilliant copy and can aid a business during the toughest storms of the writing process. Known for expertly salvaging a deadline or dozen, this company provides superior top-notch editorial services.

Dragonfly Editorial is proud to provide its services to industry behemoths such as Booz Hamilton, the American Diabetes Association, CSC, Oxford University Press, the National Academy of Sciences, Teradata and others. Based in Tipp City, Ohio, a city directly centered between Columbus and Cincinnati, slightly north of Dayton, Dragonfly Editorial caters specifically to business-to-business sales (B2B) and corporations.

Although Dragonfly Editorial is well-acquainted with the diverse needs of large corporations, the company understands that small businesses have copy needs, too. Dragonfly Editorial is based in the Midwest, but its services are global. Booz Hamilton, one of the biggest contractors in the U.S., is just one example of its universal appeal and capability.

Staffed with highly trained and professional editors, copywriters and project managers, Dragonfly Editorial is a perfect solution to a modern-needs company. The Dragonfly Editorial staff has a large number of comb ined experience, ensuring further quality and excellence for its clients’ end product. If there is an editorial need, Dragonfly Editorial is there to fill it.

Media inquiries can be made by contacting Dragonfly Editorial at 937-669-3803 or by email at info@dragonflyeditorial.com.

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