Adavanced Telematic Systems

Think of the most captivating, comforting and satisfying features of an vehicle. Today, assume them being executed throughout the most convenient way. This and additionally more can be had through the Telematics Solutions from F16 Consulting.

With the mentioned advanced solutions, digital musical along with other automobile characteristics could be liked alongside just a touch of a button or by using sound orders.

The Telematics Solutions from the automobile Systems Division definitely will provide due to the fact the key to aid make wi-fi connection of transportable devices, like MP3 players and PDAs, a whole lot more convenient and additionally user-friendly. F16 Consulting has already included Bluetooth and also telematics systems to over 12 million cars.

The upcoming next generation telematics products in development will more than likely to be adaptable to future wi-fi technologies and also specifications by software upgrades. The feature makes it much less difficult to stay associated to the new auto equipment.

With the brand-new solutions, digital performing can be transmitted by Bluetooth wi-fi tech or USB connection. The driver can navigate through the equipment menu by pushing a switch or perhaps using sound orders.

The company’s telematics systems additionally wi-fi install a mobile cellphone s address book into the auto, help designed ringtones and as accumulated accelerate dialing numbers, use text-to-speech to see incoming short communications (SMS) aloud if desired and as allows up to 12 Bluetooth phones to be connected to the system.

If ever the mobile phone call is initiated out of doors the vehicle as well as also is to be carried on in the automobile, the telematics feature automatically transfers the call wi th no having break to the automobile s hands-free system whenever the ignition is switched on.

Found on the alternative hand, a mobile component for service along with help features as well as additionally mobile internet access can be built into the telematics device. F16 Consulting recognizes which development cycles inside the field of customer electronics tend to be far less than in the automotive company.

Future handheld devices can be supported by unique software upgrades or perhaps distinctive gear components. The telematics solutions furthermore recognize the demands of the vehicle producers because these components can be combined into a wireless communications gateway which might be included into the car and also additionally connected up to its networks.

The new telematics systems create some sort of in vehicle communications network which swiftly integrates transportable gear and additionally digital information into vehicles. Regarding accessing digital musical, the drivers hands can remain upon the steering wheel as well as eyes remain found regarding the road though selecting and as playing registers.

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