Abu Dhabi Airport Company (ADAC) contracts FREQUENTIS for the transition to FPL2012

ADAC has decided to meet the upcoming November 15 deadline for the transition to the new ICAO flight plan data formats (Amendment 1 to ICAO Doc 4444) by contracting Frequentis to install a bidirectional flight plan format converter.

The company’s smartFPLconverter will enhance the functionality of ADAC’s existing flight data processing system by supporting the conversion to and from the new formats.

This integration with the current system protects existing infrastructural investments and offers ADAC the flexibility needed to conform to the new standards on time and without a large expense. ADAC will be able to communicate with other ATM entities in both old and new formats and easily adapt formats to account for future interpretations of the new standard.

About smartFPLconverter
smartFPLconverter is built on the foundation of Frequentis’ smartMessenger, a high-performance and high-availability ATS Message Handling System (AMHS). smartFPLconverter is a flexible system that interconnects to Flight Data Processing and Flight Plan Handling systems available in the market using standard communication interfaces. This allows ANSPs to conform to the Amendment 1 of ICAO 4444 in a timely and cost-effective manner.

SmartFPLconverter provides bidirectional conversion between the present and new FPL format and holds messages for distribution within 24 hours prior to the EOBT/DOF in the flight plan message. smartFPLconverter features a Destination Dependant Conversion (DDC) database. This allows the system to handle variations in the format of flight plans conforming to different interpretations of the 2012 format. The easily modifiable and understandable rules database allows changes to be made by local personnel as the FPL format evolves.

About Frequentis
For more information about Frequentis, please see www.frequentis.com

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