Elliot Equipment Company – The Company That Produces the Most Efficient Lifting Machines

Elliot Equipment Company is the only family business engaged in heavy lifting manufacturing industry.

It has been operating in the industry for well over 6 decades and has the reputation of manufacturing the most efficient lifting machines and lifting equipments including truck mounted aerial platforms and truck crane. The lifting machines produced by Elliot Equipment Company are second to none.

If you are a business owners and wish to invest in a crane truck to carry out the transportation of heavy materials within the manufacturing premise, buying a lifting machine produced by Elliot Equipment company would be your best bet, our machines not only work with optimum efficiency for long hours but are also are extremely versatile and are suited for usage in various industries including:

Oil industry
Construction sites
Maintenance and public works
Erection and repairing of electric and telephone poles

By investing in Elliot Equipment machines, you can be sure to avail the following benefits:

At Elliot Equipment Company, we have the most modern and start of the infrastructure facilities to manufacture Cherry pickers; our lifting machines are specially designed to work for long hours with minimal down time even when used in the toughest conditions. This is a great benefit for the business owners, since it would allow them to increase the efficiency of their operations and improve the production.

Safety is one of the important features you must consider while buying lifting machines. As a business owner you would want to ensure that the aerial work platform operators are safe and there are no mishaps around the area where the machine is used and Elliot equipment machines exactly serves this purpose. Our machines are fitted with some of the best safety devices and features that significantly minimize the risk of mishaps leading to serious consequences.

As a business owner you would want a lifting machine that is suitable for using it for long hours, our machines are extremely tough and are specially designed to run for long hours. Another striking feature of our boom trucks is that they do not require constant maintenance or repair works. This helps the business reduce its administrative cost.

At Elliot Equipment Company we produce Hi Reach Aerial platform have the capacity to great height, even up to 153 feet. This makes our machines extremely versatile and is ideal to be used for used in different work area that requires you to reach to different heights.

The unique and innovative design of the machine with a piggyback cylinder makes the maneuvering of the work platform easy and at the same prevents the risk or accidental fall or trip over of the load. Additionally, the machines have 10% lesser fittings than machines produced by our competitors and are available at the most competitive rates in the industry.


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