Behar Windows – The Pinnacle of the High-Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Industry

Behar Windows, located in the heart of South Florida, is one of the leading providers of Miami hurricane windows and it is clear why.

design and manufacture to supply and installation, the company has complete control over all aspects of production. This extreme diligence in service makes it clear that Behar truly cares about their customers and that their primary concern is customer satisfaction.

When living in South Florida, it is important to invest in the utmost quality when it comes to both windows and doors. The possibility of a hurricane is always looming, and it is imperative to protect your home and family. Behar Windows’ products are all fully compliant with the NOA requirements for Miami-Dade County, as well as completely based on the quality code set by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Not only can impact resistant windows Miami save lives, but they can also drastically increase the value of your home.

A representative from Behar Windows comments, “Many people assume that hurricane resistant windows in Miami are expensive, but they are actually quite affordable. Not only are our products reasonably priced, but they also reduce insurance costs.” It is obvious that Behar Windows is looking for their customers’ best interests in providing them with excellence, while not draining them of their hard-earned paychecks for the absolutely necessary Miami and Fort Lauderdale impact windows.

Behar Windows does not just merely drop off the impact glass Miami and leave. They follow a strict, helpful protocol that ensures absolute approval from the customer. First, unlike many other window and door companies in South Florida, Behar Windows offers a free estimate for any project had in mind. After the estimate, a complete, qualified proposal is sent to the customer for approval (all at no cost!).

Also, another unique characteristic is that all of the company’s products are manufactured right at home, in Hollywood, Florida. This home manufacturing is reassuring since Behar Windows assures that every window and door meets and exceeds quality standards before even leaving the factory.

Having specialty hurricane resistant windows requires certain permits, and rather than leaving the customer with a pile of confusing forms, Behar will always take care of it. After delivery, qualified professionals perform installation and numerous quality tests to ensure the perfect fit.

The steps taken by Behar Windows are all concerned with quality and customer satisfaction—the perfect combination in the impact doors Miami industry.

About Behar Windows:

Behar Windows, a leading high-impact resistant windows and doors company, is located in Hollywood, South Florida. They have twenty years of experience in the field of manufacturing and intalling windows and doors and they are a fully licensed and approved. To know more about the company, visit

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