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A Microsoft PowerPoint deck, when put together intelligently can add a solid punch to your presentation. This holds true not only for marketing and new product launch presentations but also when you need to convince investors and lenders about your unique business idea.

25 to 30 dry pages of proforma and market research do not create the same impact as a compelling Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. That’s why MasterPlans offers a Do-It Yourself Business Plan Template plus PowerPoint Guide for entrepreneurs.

The Do-It Yourself business plan template from the top business plan writer is designed to cut down the time needed to create a foolproof business plan drastically and make it more manageable. They are quite unlike the usual complicated manuals and long winding software programs offered by business planners today. It is perhaps the most simple and straightforward way of creating a great business proposal in a few, easy steps.

The Do-It Yourself business plan template has answers to all your queries about creating a plan that can convince your investors quickly. It tells you about the points you should make, about your service, the places where you can get the best stats for your specific business situation and how to create marketing plans that spell guaranteed success. The template follows the standard layout for business plans which the SBA and other popular investment groups are accustomed to seeing.

Top business plan writers acknowledge the perils and challenges of writing a business plan from scratch. It can be an energy-sapping process and yet may leave you with many loose threads to deal with. MasterPlans provides you the base you need to build a plan so that the process is free of all hassles and makes it extremely manageable and stress-free.

The template is clearly the answer to your business planning problems as it comes filled with data-ready tables and placeholders that link your plan to the full three year or five year financial model. Any business plan writer can make use of this user friendly template and create a world class plan that’s funding ready.

Making reliable forecasts and actually making it come true are two different things. Things can become easier if there is a comprehensive financial model available to work with and is interlinked to MS Excel.

The Full three year and five year financial model from MasterPlans was developed by MasterPlans in-house expert financial modelers and was used to create concrete financials for clients. They have now upgraded this highly effective model. It is being offered to entrepreneurs as a part of the Do-It Yourself package. All you have to do is enter your data for sales and expenses and get instant and reliable information about profit and loss, cash flow and balance sheets.

MasterPlans have used innovative technology and creative input from their business plan writers to create a MS PowerPoint slide deck. It is a concise PowerPoint which works as a powerful tool when it comes to raising capital for your venture.

The PowerPoint presentation guide from MasterPlans is a great way to start writing a business plan. This slide-by-slide template is your roadmap to a successful presentation. Your task is made easier with the slide layout and easy-to-follow bulleted points in each section. Any business plan writer will find this powerful guide a great way to deliver a hard-hitting and impactful presentation in no time.

The company offers a 10 percent discount on any service under the MasterPlans brand name.

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