Temperature Monitoring Systems for Restaurants by TempGenius

For restaurants, storage of food at the correct temperatures and maintaining the proper humidity levels in service areas is very important. TempGenius is a leading supplier of specialized restaurant temperature monitoring systems that help food service operation maintain the right storage conditions.

TempGenius is easy to manage and the program integrates directly to Microsoft Office! These systems can be easily reprogrammed by user to meet changing requirements.

Storage of food the right temperature not only assures safety, but also the quality and taste while keeping them free of spoilage for a longer period. They can record the temperature logs for health departments and regulators alike.

Any food service operation looking for wireless temperature monitor for restaurants and rest assured that TempGenius has a custom system tailored to meet your specific needs. Learn more about TempGenius on their website http://www.tempgenius.com or can simply call them at +61 438 009669 for any consultation or queries or can visit their office at:Compliance Control (AU) Pty Ltd Suite 171, 45 Glenferrie Road Malvern, VIC 3144 Australia.

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