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Today, in this modern world, each and every one wishes to get an attractive body structure. If you are also in the list for trying to get good personality with nice-looking, then the best personal trainers NYC helps in assisting you to find out the best and healthy diet according to your body type.

Personal trainer New York provides you with many diets and training programs. They say that it is very important to know your body type first because different body types require different training methods and diet plans.

For identifying your body type personal trainers NYC provides you with the following information:

There are 3 male body types. They are ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

>>Ectomorph: – The person having this kind of body type is a typical skinny guy. They will have a light build with small joints and lean muscle. Usually ectomorph’s have long thin limbs with stringy muscles. Shoulders tend to be thin with little width. These people feel very hard to gain weight because they will have very fast metabolism which burns up calories very quickly.

>>Mesomorph: – The person having this kind of body type has a large bone structure, large muscles and athletic physique. The weight gain is usually seen very quickly.

>>Endomorph: – The person with this body type is usually solid and generally soft and also shorter build with thick arms and legs. They find very easy to gain weight.

There are 4 female body types. They are Android, Gynaeoid, Thyroid and Lymphatic.

>>Android: – The person with this body type have anabolic metabolism. They are prominent physical & mental strength; produce more male hormones than the other body types. The weight gain in the abdomen & upper part of the body.

>>Gynaeoid: – The person with this body type have high metabolic rate. They need not to worry about weight gain. These people will generally have long limbs with fine, narrow bones.

>>Thyroid: – The person with this body type has predominance of female hormone, estrogen. And they will have the overall curved body with good size.

>>Lymphatic: – The person with this body type will have very slow metabolic rate. The weight gain is very easy. In this body type , the bone structure appears to be absent.

The personal trainer New York helps you to give the clear idea about the kind of food you have to take and the kind of food you have to avoid. They say that the metabolism plays the very crucial role in losing your weight or to gain your weight. What is metabolism? It is defined as the amount of calories your body burns to maintain itself. If you are fat and want to lose weight, you need to increase your metabolism rate by eating very little, Take the breakfast compulsorily, eat limited, Daily exercise, drink green tea etc. Therefore by following them strictly, you can have the ability to burn the calories and also will have more energy and strength.

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