Versatile Organic Yoga Clothing at offer from Asquith London

Great news for the English ladies highly into yoga sessions- Asquith London has come up with a versatile stock of organic yoga clothing from organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. The company is a leading English designer brand.

The firm spokesperson declared that they provide with best quality organic yoga clothing UK.

“Our yoga clothing collection is really versatile and stylish and the best part is that you can use it for holidays, travel and for many other purposes added to your yoga & Pilates classes. We offer you with the best absolute ethical lifestyle with no compromise on quality and environment”, Asquith’s spokesperson flashed a big smile.

The Yoga clothing store is founded by Alice Asquith who is the Managing Director of the firm. “Alice wanted to set up a credible portal for elegant natural apparels in flattering styles that are not available from leisurewear/yoga brand”.

Asquith London is based in Southern Turkey. It’s a family operated natural yoga apparel manufacturing factory established in the year 1994.

While asked on their fabrics, Alice’s manager mentioned on using breathable, chemical-free, softest fabrics. The cotton fabrics used by Asquith are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified and the company also informed of taking to organic dyes.

“We are equipped with an extensive range of natural yoga clothes for women. You can choose your style here from our vast selection of yoga trousers, yoga pants, t-shirts, tops as well as cover ups which would be perfect for any of your outings”, commented one of the top executives from Alice’s store.

She further stressed that each of their yoga wear UK are without strong elastic bands and hence would ensure pure comfort and easy movement for the wearer. “The good thing is that our clothes come with 100% support- moreover we can present you with timeless designs that would never be out-of-fashion”, she noted, adding that they have an ageless collection designed for anybody aged 30’s to 60’s.

To know more about the organic yoga women clothing collection from Asquith London, log on to its official website

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