Leading Australian camper trailer manufacturer announces Great Discounts on Camping accessories

Red Earth Campers, the esteemed Australian camper trailers manufacturer has announced to offer lucrative discounts on its camping accessories. The discount facility is available on all the major products from the company.

“We value our customers and want them to attain quality products with great savings. Thus, our company has come up with amazing discount offers on all our significant camping products assuring a happy and cost effective camping this fall”, declared one of the top executives from the camper trailers Australia company.

Red Earth Campers is founded by Steve Jackson and is based in the Jandakot suburb in the Perth region of Western Australia.

While approached to detail on the rebate offers, Jackson’s manager confirmed that presently they are offering a handy $100-$150 of rebate. Some of the products like the heavy duty camper trailer or the rooftop tents would fetch a solid saving of $2,000-$5,000.

This Australian camping accessory manufacturing firm is well stocked with a varied display of almost all the necessary camping arrangements. The company spokesperson comments, “Our inventory is backed by the needed camping accessories. You have heavy duty camper trailers, camper trailer tents WA and rooftop tents. The other different camping products on offer here include vehicle awnings, swags and varied camper trailer accessories WA”. All the camping products from Red Earth Campers are available with detailed descriptions on the product make accompanied by snaps. There is usage or mounting instructions supplied with the product descriptions only.

Jackson’s spokesperson further emphasized that they are ready to provide the campers with custom made heavy duty camper trailers just as per their preferences. “Our website gets you with an ex-demo of the trailer as well as the new custom look of the vehicle”, the spokesperson commented while discussing about the custom service facilities from the renowned Australian camping trailer manufacturer.

To know in detail about the different discount opportunities on the Red Earth Campers products or any further inquiry call up Jackson at 040 908 9672. One can also visit the official website of the Australian camping accessory manufacturer at http://www.redearthcampers.com.au/

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