Linge Shoes Release Nude and Brightly Colored Ballet Shoes for Dance Community

Linge Shoes has just announced that they have released nude ballet shoes that have been designed with the dance community in mind. These nude ballet shoes can be worn to rehearsal, or in between practice, and have been made with the dancer’s style and comfort at the forefront of their footwear’s concept.

Linge Shoes provides ballet flats in a wide variety of colors. All of their footwear is made from high quality, genuine leather and offer the advantage of being easy to store and transport. This type of shoe is excellent for the dance community.

The ballet slipper can be worn to class, or tucked into a handbag to be worn after a gala event, where restrictive and uncomfortable shoes may be mandatory. This is ideal for dancers who need to rest their feet in between practices, events and to be comfortable for everyday wear.

Linge Shoes has become increasingly popular amongst dance troupes. Professional and amateur dance companies alike purchase the ballet shoes to wear for travel and in between gigs. In addition to troupe jackets and luggage, the shoes offer a more uniform look, while dancers are still able to select the color that suits their individual tastes and style.

Linge Shoes provides their nude ballet shoes at an affordable price and troupes are encouraged to inquire with questions and comments directly.

About Linge Shoes
Linge Shoes are elegant, comfortable and stylish ballet flats. Perfect for any situation; for a night out on the town to spice up your favorite little black dress; keep a pair in the office to change into; throw a pair into your carry-on for long flights; add a pair to your purse to change into after a long night out in high heels, or to make an impression on the first day of school. Linge Shoes can be worn anytime and taken everywhere. They are the perfect addition to every woman’s wardrobe.

Linge Shoes brings the beautiful line of the traditional ballet slipper to an everyday shoe so every woman can look and feel their stylish best!

Company Name: Linge Shoes
Contact Person: Whitney Evans
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Contact Phone: 888-837-3376
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