Book Forttoria le rose for family vacation in Siena

A holiday in Siena is the best place to enjoy a family vacation. Siena offer several options with accommodations with villas staying on the top of the list of choice.

If anyone has been planning a family vacation brings the bookings to Forttoria La rose. This is one of the most beautiful Siena villas. This is set at the end of a private rural lane, this converted farm boosts traditional and shabby chic interiors.

This is located just 6 kilometers away from the town of Siena. This villa is open throughout the year. The place is great for outdoor activities as well and has a private lock for fishing.

The place is surrounded with rustic views from the natural landscape around it. This place is ideal for a group of 2 to 10 individuals. And the cost of living in this villa is just €49 to €179 per room per night.

If anyone wants to book this villa he can simply go with completely Siena. Know more about them and other available villas at their website or can simply call them at 44 (0)779 6658 658 for any bookings or consultations.

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