Special Characteristics of Sony VPL-EX100 Projector

Sony has launched refined version of VPL- EX 100 Projector for those who are planning to establish their own theater at home. There are many offices that need projectors for presentation of work during meeting.

The best feature of this product helps to use it at offices and also in lecture halls. Recently many schools have also developed and established smart classes for the children, this model of projectors helps to teach children easily.

Though there are many companies that have launched this type of product but Sony VPL-EX100 Projector has several added features that are integrated in it. The installation cost of this product is low; so many business companies look for this superb model.

Owing this product is quiet easy. It is an eco-friendly product and it has long lasting lamp design. The power consumption of this product is also low. Many more excellent features are added to this product that enable users of AU to establish theater at home. This product is cost effective with long lasting lamps. Eco mode button is also provided in this product which makes it eco-friendly product.

Electronic Bazaar presents the users with highly usable product with self adjustable panel; specification of color is enhanced in this model from previous one. Users can buy latest Sony VPL-EX100 Projector with perfect clarity in pictures, images and videos. All these function attract many users to buy this product.

The projection system includes 3 panels of LCD with 1 lens. The UHP lamp that is provided in this product is of 210W that gives clear pictures. There are 3 modes of light that is provided like 2300 lm which is the highest mode, next is the 1800lm which is the standard mode and third one is the 1500 lm which is the lowest mode.

This product can be bought from the electronic bazaar which is an online shopping portal. Consumers can choose the product by visiting its websites and can order-compare the product specification through it.

The projector lens that is attached to this product can be zoomed 1.3 times, manual and throw ratio of 1.4- 1.82, the color contrast ration of this product is 2200:1 and its resolution is 1024*768dots. The input interface and signals of this product is perfect that enable users to use it in education and businesses. The Weight of this product is 3.2 kg with the dimension of 313.4*129.6*278.3mm and Sony VPL-EX100 Projector require AC 100V to 240V to work. Moreover all these outstanding features and higher quality do not make it expensive and thus the demand for it increases.



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