Top 10 US destinations for the coming year

Lonely Planet, the largest travel guide book and digital media publisher in the world, has revealed its annual list of the top places to visit in the US in 2013. Lonely Planet’s Top 10 US Destinations for 2013 was selected and ranked by the company’s team of US-based editors (Oakland, CA) and expert authors.

It features locations all over the map that are either emerging or up-and-coming, or perennial favorites that have a new and timely angle that make them prime for visiting in 2013.

Lonely Planet’s Top 10 US Destinations for 2013:

  1. Louisville, Kentucky
    The Lonely Planet team believe Louisville’s lively, offbeat cultural scene appears to be on the verge of making it the new Portland with things like old warehouses-turned local breweries, antique shops and some cool restaurants.
  2. Fairbanks, Alaska
    2013 marks the end of a fiery 11-year-cycle of the aurora borealis (aka the northern lights), when sunspots are particularly feisty, making for a big show in the sky for locals and visitors 240 nights next year.
  3. San Juan Islands, Washington
    Called the “gourmet archipelago” by Lonely Planet author Brendan Sainsbury, these Pacific Northwest islands have 250 days of sunshine and are entirely self-sufficient when it comes to food.
  4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Philadelphia is becoming known as an art capital. In addition to the world-renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, the formerly remote Barnes Foundation – a once private collection of Matisse, Renoir, and Cézanne – has a new central location.
  5. American Samoa
    From the US mainland, American Samoa is a longer trek than Hawaii, but is recommended by the Lonely Planet team as the distance rewards the visitor with some of the most stunning, untouched beauty of the Pacific, and a national park that even the most ardent park system fans won’t have checked off their list yet. A US passport can get you to an isolated South Pacific paradise without even leaving US territory.
  6. Eastern Sierra, California 
    Just beyond Yosemite lies the secret California dream according to the Lonely Planet US-based staff and authors.
  7. Northern Maine, ME
    Maine isn’t only lobster rolls, lighthouses, and rocky shoreline. The woodsy interior, on the top half of the Maine “thumb” reaching north to the Canada border, makes for a wilderness adventure with moose, white-water rafting, and epic hiking.
  8. Twin Cities, Minnesota
    Recommended due to its biking facilities, the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St Paul. Minneapolis is makes it into the Lonely Planet top 10.
  9. Verde Valley, Arizona
    Between Phoenix and the Grand Canyon, the Verde Valley is taking off as Arizona’s go-to destination, and recommended by the Lonely Planet team.
  10. Glacier National Park, Montana
    One of the countries wildest, most remote and pristine national parks, it is reported that the park’s 25 glaciers are melting – and could be gone altogether by 2030 if current climate changes continue!

Lonely Planet’s Top 10 US Destinations for 2013 goes beyond the locations featured in its annual Best in Travel book, which includes the company’s picks for where to visit in the coming year, all over the globe. Best in Travel 2013features San Francisco and the Gulf Coast among the global picks for next year.

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