Thirteen artists to design the communal areas of Sweden’s IceHotel

ICEHOTEL opened its doors for the twenty-third time on seventh December and can proudly announce the names behind the designs for this year’s rendition of the communal areas of the hotel; namely the main hall, the ice bar, the ice church, the luxury suite and the reception.

Each year, artists from around the world gather in Jukkasjärvi, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle, for the art project that has become known as ICEHOTEL. Every winter sees a brand new design with a mix of first-time and returning artists, all hand-picked by the Art & Design Group at ICEHOTEL.

Jens Thoms Ivarsson, returning artist for the tenth consecutive year and newly appointed Director of Design & Strategy and member of the Art & Design Group at ICEHOTEL says: “In November, Jukkasjärvi becomes a melting pot of influences, cultures and languages; all coming together to create art – it is a fantastic journey to part of, every year is a new ICEHOTEL and a new experience.”

Thoms Ivarsson this year designs and builds the main hall together with Dutch artists Vroom and Vonk, and describes their concept: “The idea behind ‘Navigating the Unknown’ came from old nautical maps – it is about exploring the unexplored. The walls and ceiling of the hall will have three dimensional lines inspired by the ones used for navigation in the past; and the center of the room will feature a giant compass rose.”

The artists of the main public areas of ICEHOTEL no 23:

Jens Thoms Ivarsson, Sweden   “Navigating the Unknown” (Main Hall)
Marinus Vroom, Holland  “Navigating the Unknown” (Main Hall)
Marjolein Vonk, Holland   “Navigating the Unknown” (Main Hall)
Sofi Routsalainen, Sweden  “Unique” (ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi)
Mikael “Nille” Nilsson, Sweden  “Unique” (ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi)
Viktor Tsarski, Bulgaria  “Unique” (ICEBAR BY ICEHOTEL Jukkasjärvi)
Lena Kriström, Sweden  “Unfold” (Reception)
Susan Christianen, Holland  “Unfold” (Reception)
Tjåsa Gusfors, Sweden  “Absinthe-minded” (Luxury Suite)
Ullrika Tallving, Sweden  “Absinthe-minded” (Luxury Suite)
Javier Opazo, Chile  “Kyrka“ (Ice church)
Ethan Friedman, England  “Kyrka“ (Ice church)
Rob Harding, Spain  “Kyrka“ (Ice church)

To find out about the artists designing this year’s art suites, please see press release “ICEHOTEL name-dropping list 2012” and our artists’ impressions blog at

ICEHOTEL an art project and the world’s first hotel built entirely of ice and snow. Working only with the Torne River water as material and original art features, the creations at ICEHOTEL are protected by Swedish copyright law and are the characteristics that make ICEHOTEL unique. The company develops sensuous, inspiring, and unique experiences in art, nature, accommodation and gastronomy. 

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