Serious accident after gas leak caused by pest control pesticides

It has been reported that eighteen people were being treated in hospital following toxic gas escaping from a docked ship in Northern Ireland. The toxic gas was aluminium phosphide which is a pesticide used in getting rid of rodents, in particular moles, rats and mice.

The ship at Warrenpoint in Co. Down is owned by Arklow Shipping, based in Arklow on Ireland’s east coast. It became unstable through getting wet and following the incident of the gas escaping a 50m area was cordoned off. Local residents were also affected and were informed that they had to close their windows and doors.

The chemical incident was reported to have affected eighteen people on board the ship.

Akeel Jaffar runs HLA Pest Control in London, who specialises in bed bug infestations in hotels and guest houses and can help businesses put in place a commercial pest control strategy to tackle a problem before it gets out of hand. They offer advice to hotels and businesses in London to help tackle the rise following the events of summer 2012. HLA Pest Control has seen a 25% increase in call outs for the last three months compared to the same period in 2011. Akeel Jaffar says:

“This just highlights the dangers of chemicals used in getting rid of rodents, whether in London or further afield. It’s important that people don’t try and carry out pest control measures without knowing how to safely use chemicals to tackle their pest control problems. Many chemicals that we use at HLA Pest Control are not for domestic use – and are for commercial premises. Many people try and have a go at getting rid of rodents themselves, sometimes sourcing chemicals on the Internet. They are unaware of the dangers of doing this and the risks could be life threatening.

“At HLA Pest Control we are fully aware of how to use chemicals safely with no harm to our customers. In addition, many chemicals that can be bought over the counter just aren’t effective in getting rid of rodents and could just be a false economy. If you have a rodent infestation, give us a call as we offer a free evaluation of how serious your problem is and can help to get rid of them permanently, with no risk of the problem returning.”

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