A cancer of fake cancer medicines

As rare and non-existent as they were about five to ten years ago, imitation cancer drugs are now getting widespread around the globe. Not only in the Asian continent and the countries of the Middle East, but these fake drugs are also being dispensed in the USA and throughout Europe. Bevacizumab (a medicine used to treat various types of cancer), otherwise known as ‘Avastin’ or ‘Altuzan’, is one of such medicines on the large list of bogus cancer drugs being sold in the world. A huge racket lies underneath the tiny surface of this scam that has been exposed recently in the U.S after the U.S Food and Drug Administration issued a notice about the likability of the counterfeited drugs entering the U.S pharmaceutical market.

The fraudsters are estimated to be in multiples of thousands, and are considered to be having a large and extensive racket around the globe through which they operate in different countries and regions of the world. It is the tremendously high margins of profit that they receive through the sale of these drugs, as opposed to the sale of other fake drugs, which lures them into duplicating cancer drugs specifically.

Cancer medication has a high rate of demand throughout the year, considering the nature of the disease and its number of patients. As a result, it is not very difficult to make a sale of their imitations to customers, under the disguise of authentic cancer drugs. Also, they are sold at a much lesser rate as compared to the cost of the actual medicines. A lot of these drugs are considered to be coming into different nations through China.

While it is unapparent how this network is going to be busted, medicines that might not even cure a fever are being sold as cancer drugs.

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