A-1 Appliance Offers OEM GE Refrigerator Parts

A-1 Appliance, a trusted retailer of replacement appliance parts for the Greater Huntsville Area, offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) GE Refrigerator Parts. Their website provides a comprehensive yet easily navigated method of locating the correct part by either model number, or part number.

GE has become a household name throughout the world and this was managed in no small part to the efficiency of their products. However, despite the lauded efficiency and lengthy lifespan of their units, all things with moving parts will succumb to mechanical failure at some point, and this same level of quality comes with steep repair prices. If the unit is out of warranty, a common scenario for many homeowners, the usual course of action is to call a professional and pay exorbitant repair costs.

Luckily, for the owners with the right level of mechanical know how, they can minimize expenses by conducting the repairs themselves, and A-1 Appliances has the parts to get them started. Some refrigeration problems, such as a lack of proper cooling caused by inadvertent frost buildup in the freezer, are usually the product of surprisingly simple failures, such as a faulty door that lets moist air enter the unit. Other issues require more knowledge and parts that may be harder to source, such as broken mainboards or evaporator fans.

The company carries a vast selection of OEM parts for different brands and makes, as well as for a whole range of household appliances, such as washers, dryers, and electric and gas ranges. For customers looking for Whirlpool Washer parts, Kenmore Microwave, or Maytag dishwasher, they can find the exact part by model number through A-1 Appliance.

For more information, visit www.A-1Appliance.com

About A-1 Appliances

The company was founded in March 1979 to address the needs of many appliance repair specialists and individuals when sourcing OEM parts. They provide parts for a large range of household appliances and brands including GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Kenmore, and Maytag.

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