Secure your foreign education using Student Insurance

Have aspirations of having international educational exposure? You must do your research perfectly. Your first and most important task is to choose the country to plan to study in. Your most likely options are United Kingdom, United States of America or maybe Australia. Just in case you did not know, each and every university in these countries requires you to be covered under a travel and health student insurance policy. This is an absolute mandatory requirement from their end.

While there are many insurance companies flooding the market, not all of them offer insurance policies of this kind. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd provides the perfect solution for such student insurance needs. It is India’s largest private sector general Insurance Company and has been in the market for a number of years making it one of the most trusted brands.

ICICI Lombard provides an ‘Overseas Student Travel Insurance’ plan that is a comprehensive solution for students India that plan to study abroad. Under this scheme, students are offered unique features such as maternity care, inter-collegiate sports injury and even cancer. It does not end there, as different colleges may have different insurance requirements, this scheme can be customised to fit the requirements put forth by the university.

You never really know the risks you have when you travel abroad. For example, an injury while playing a sport in college could put you out of college for a semester or even more. In such a scenario, you have insurance to protect you. Always keep in mind that studying abroad is not a cheap affair and could run into lakhs of rupees, an amount you have to secure. Most student India end up taking longer courses during their stay abroad as doctorates courses are better there, when you have such long tenure, you need to envisage the possible risks of the future too when you plan your trip.

With such a comprehensive cover that takes care of not only you travel but also a case of maternity, you can be rest assured that your future is kept in the best hands. Believe it or not, ICICI Lombard is the only insurance company that has listed over 500 universities. It has tied up with these universities to understand their exact needs and just what the policy should comprise of. Not just that, ICICI Lombard has also teamed up with United Health Care, the largest health carrier in USA. Students can have the benefit of cashless treatment during a medical emergency. Such benefits are rare but are a must when you are travelling abroad for education. With student insurance, secure your education and your future.

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