Global Entertainment Services celebrates 2nd Anniversary with Plethora of New Services and Benefits

Offering a completely unique Men’s Travel Guide for distinctive destinations abroad including – but of course not limited to – Argentina, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Thailand and Vietnam; the Global Entertainment Services group was created in 2012 to give gentlemen the opportunity to create their own colorful trip without the worry of potential local difficulties.

The year 2013 promises to follow a successful first year for Global Entertainment Services and its members with the addition of multiple new features to the website. Global Entertainment Services has quickly emerged as a leader in the Men’s Travel Industry, providing its members with all the details of “the best places to go, the people to meet and what to say for the experience of a lifetime”.

This year members will find video guides that will allow them to ‘walk through a destination’ prior to their arrival letting them get the feel of the area in a realistic way and without unexpected surprises. New for 2013 are expanded and updated tour packages so that each traveler can create his own exclusive fantasy trip. Increased travel coverage also includes “cheat sheets” to help each gentleman to avoid the pitfalls of each city’s more colorful districts.

Global Entertainment Services strives to provide members with the opportunities and real-life information necessary to explore inimitable locations. Members have direct access to the ultimate Asian massage parlors, the best beer bars and escorts in Thailand, the hottest saunas in Hong Kong and much more.

Up-to-the-minute, accurate information saves members money and teaches them the culture of each unique city so that they will stay in control of every single situation. In addition, Global Entertainment Services has added a plethora of travel information including medical tourism data, off-the-beaten-path leisure and sightseeing, and one of kind restaurant choices for each member.

Global Entertainment Services, in their second year, has expanded their distinctive men’s travel guide services for members to include video travel guides and enhanced travel packages; all the while striving to meet their goal of saving their subscribers money while giving them the ability to create their dream trip.

Visit and discover how membership can deliver you into your ultimate fantasy trip. Begin planning your next business trip or pleasure-filled vacation at Global Entertainment Services.

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Whether you are planning your ultimate adult-themed dream vacation in Thailand, Hong Kong, the Caribbean Islands, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil or other exotic locales abroad – you need to visit and appreciate all that they have to offer you in real-time, with realistic information and travel planning.

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