SendThisFile presents new features for users with slow Internet

SendThisFile® today is announcing two new features for users with slow Internet connections; download accelerator compatibility and resuming interrupted file downloads.

“Our latest system update greatly improves SendThisFile’s compatibility with download accelerator software that is often used by customers who send large files with slow Internet connections,” said John Stephens, SendThisFile VP of Operations. “It has been a popular feature request by users.”

The system update also includes a feature that allows the downloads of files sent using SendThisFile to be resumed, should a download session be interrupted by an intermittent Internet connection.

“With resumable file downloads, even if a customer loses their Internet connection, their download session can be resumed from where it left off,” said Scott Sexton, SendThisFile VP of Business Development. “This relieves a big pain point for users who send large files, only to have to cancel their file transfer and start over because they lost lost their Internet connection.

Download accelerator compatibility and resuming interrupted file downloads are available today for all personal file sending customers who use SendThisFile’s Classic and Enhanced file sending modes.


Since 2003 SendThisFile, Inc. has been an industry leader in providing managed file transfers to its clients. Its service provides an uncomplicated and secure way for computer users to send large files that are too big for typical email servers. With over 1.6 million users served and more than 63 million files transferred and customers in over 160 countries, SendThisFile is a proven and reliable partner for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and individual users.

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