Chiropractic Rehab Provides Advanced Sports Chiropractic Care

Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab, a well established chiropractic care unit which offers treatments for sore back and physical motor now provides ethical sports chiropractic treatment. This chiropractic clinic has showed a high rate success in getting people off their extreme back spasms and pain.

“Our main aim is to take off the words ‘My Back hurts’ far away from the minds of the patients approaching us” told Dr. James Gucciardi, a certified chiropractic sports practitioner from Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab, a facilitated clinic located at Brewster lane of the New York City.

Regarding the Sports Chiropractic, the certified chiropractor also added that the sports chiropractic is a procedural practice that needs to be handled by the trained and qualified professionals. Main focus of the chiropractic sports specialists is to provide intense care to their patients in a conservative management, rehabilitation and performance optimization of neuro musculoskeletal system such as neck and back pain, nerve entrapment and joint pains.

Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab unit offers individualized treatment and conditional programming to their patient for rebuilding their health. The clinic is a patient centered one thus providing a peaceful and comfortable environment.

“The workers connected with our clinic are experienced, well trained and certified to take over the treatment in their concerned areas” commented Dr. Kenneth Nuss Jr., another certified chiropractic sports and Kinesio Taping practitioner of this leading chiropractic care centre.

In addition to the Sports Chiropractic care, this reputed back stretches treating experts services includes chiropractic care, therapeutic exercises, massage therapy, active release techniques, Kinesio taping.

“In our Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab, we are also providing nutrition counseling for our patient. Nutrient is important for proper health practice. We provide nutritional advice for weight loss, tissue repair and disease prevention” finally added Dr. Kenneth Nuss Jr.

About the Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab

Champion Performance Chiropractic Rehab, a renowned chiropractic care unit serving quality treatment in all facets of the healing process of back pain, neck pain, back stretches, back spasms etc. With years of experience, this chiropractic care unit has received good reputation and appreciation from the patients. To know more about this chiropractic care unit visit

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