Simply Supplements Launch Mobile Site to Cater For Busy Customer Lifestyles

Simply Supplements, a leading UK supplier of health supplements and vitamins have launched a new mobile website to accommodate for the busy lifestyles of customers. The new site is a suppressed version of the main website and contains all the same relevant information but in an easy-to-use and simple to navigate layout.

The home page is displayed as a series of quick connect tabs that allow users to search for products through best-sellers, a-z search, or by ailment. Users can also use a search function to look for specific products. There is also a tab that connects to products that are on sale for ease of use.

Additionally, users can read testimonials of products by fellow customers, as well as discovering further health tips and advice with a link to the Simply Supplements blog page. There is also a tab that directs users to the company’s social media communities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest so that they can meet like-minded individuals to share their experiences with them or simply educate themselves on simple digestible health tips and advice as well as taking advantage of special offers.

Simply Supplements Marketing Executive Suzanne Hopkins said: “We are really excited to unveil our new mobile site. This will give our customers a truly user-friendly way in which to browse our website, products and social communities. Browsing websites on mobile devices can be quite frustrating and time-consuming, but our mobile site is a simple and easy-to-use service that presents all the key information from our main website in a bite sized way that is much easier on the eye and much simpler to read on a smaller screen.”

“We live in a society where people are time-poor and lead busy lifestyles, and therefore many people browse the internet ‘on-the-fly’ via mobile devices. At Simply Supplements, we are committed to providing the highest quality customer care, and this is another example of how we are adapting to provide great service and meet the demands of our customers.”

According to the UK communications regulator Ofcom, 40% of UK adults regularly visit social networking sites through mobile devices, with the number increasing to 62% amongst 18-24 year olds. Simply Supplements have a strong social media presence which they utilise by sharing regular health tips and advice. Suzanne explained: “Having links to our social communities via the mobile site enables our customers to keep abreast of our news and quick health tips whilst on the move.”

Suzanne added: “According to research from 2012, more than two thirds of UK mobile users have used their devices for shopping purposes such as browsing products, researching and comparing prices. 18% of smartphone users have purchased goods online. It is therefore important that we cater to the needs of our customers by providing them with a simple interface that allows them to browse our products easily.”

The privacy of using a mobile device for shopping online is also a factor that Simply Supplements believe may appeal to their customers. Suzanne said: “Many of our products are bought with the intention of battling personal issues or ailments, and the mobile format provides a sense of privacy, like a confidant or friend. That process cannot always be guaranteed when browsing on a home computer or laptop where others may be present.”

The mobile website loads automatically on mobile devices when users visit the Simply Supplements, or can alternatively be found at .

Alternatively, users can switch to the main website if they choose to by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of the mobile site.

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