Guide to spend your holidays at Spellthorne

Many travel experts have often suggested going to one place-Spellthorne in U.K. which is regarded as one of the favored holiday tourist places for people. To help the tourists, and guide them to perfect holiday time spent in Spellthorne, The website of created by the local authorities of Spellthorne is the ideal one to contact and refer to.

The website of ‘visit Thames’ guides tourists and travelers to Spellthorne tourist places. The website guides travelers to the art and historical monuments. People visiting the place can get information on ‘‘Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tate Modern-the art museum, Tower of London and the tower bridge. The website also guides visitors to knowledge of the legendry Thames River and the varied attractions alongside the river.

People visiting Spellthorne are guided by the website to the famous fair called ‘the Shepperton village fair’, which provides a unique perspective in comparison to all the other fairs held around. Travelers can take the advantage of sailing through ‘Desborough sailing club’ and enjoy the famous painting exhibitions held at/by the Ashford art club.

There is no other website, or online guide like the ‘Visit Thames’ website which gives accurate and descriptive information, on all the tourist places worth seeing in Spellthorne. The website is maintained by the local administration of Spellthorne called ‘Spelthorne Borough Council’ in Staines-Middlesex.

Not only does the website give important information in an interesting way, about the 4 important topics of Spellthorne, but it also gives it in form of slides. The website’s 1st slide consist of Thames river information on its history and current times, while the second one gives information on full history of Spelthorne, and the connection between the river Thames and Spellthorne. The 3RD slide of the website focuses on the 5 cultural and historical walks, conducted by regular groups in the city with map and landmarks, while the last slide give information about the Spellthorne towns and villages with their history and worth to see places knowledge.

The website guides people to historical places like St. Mary’s church which is about 200 years old and Ashford Henge from times of 3000 BC. ‘Visit Thames’ also is instrumental in guiding tourists to the famous SIS Building which is the “foreign intelligence agency of Great Britain seen many times in Hollywood movies

The gives dates of important events in the city conducted regularly in a year, and gives directions reaching Spelthorne by various means of transportation. For further information, the website can be contacted.

Spelthorne Borough Council

Knowle Green

TW18 1XB

T: 01784 448581

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