A new way to whiten teeth is getting more popular in the UK

Across the UK, and many other parts of the world, teeth whitening has become extremely popular. People appreciate the chance to improve their smile. They know that a white smile is important to their overall appearance. Increasingly, looking good is perceived as important to success. Good personal grooming and attention to detail are seen as a big plus in job applicants.

People like to look good, and feel that there really is such a thing as a winning smile. In addition, the cosmetics and beauty industry are constantly reminding consumers that yellow teeth age you. Unsurprisingly, every yea,r tens of thousands of people visit their dentist to have their teeth whitened.

In the past, most have accepted that to achieve a sparkling white smile strong chemicals have to be used. They know that these techniques are quite safe, but sometimes worry about the impact the production and disposal of these bleaches has on the environment. As a result, when they are offered an alternative treatment option that does not involve the use of strong chemicals most people are very interested.

The new teeth whitening and cleaning treatment is called dental air polishing. The way it works is that a stream of high-pressure air is pushed through a dental instrument called a Prophy-jet. Mixed into this very fine, yet powerful, stream of air, is sodium bicarbonate and warm water. This gently removes extrinsic stains, plaque and other soft deposits.

Air polishing is gentle and effective
The East Hull Dental Centre has experienced strong take up of their air polishing service. This NHS dental clinic has a reputation for picking up on new technology early, and taking an innovative approach to dental care. They are also one of the few dentists to offer alternative dental therapies and treatments. Unsurprisingly they are an early adopter of air polishing. Their patients like the fact that the procedure is very gentle and that it does not take long, as well as the fact it is very effective. However, the East Hull team still provides other teeth whitening procedures for those with teeth that are more deeply stained.

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