Mommy makeover is rising in popularity according to Dr. Mihye Choi

While starting a family can be one of the most rewarding times in a woman’s life, it can also take a toll on a woman’s body. Common effects include a loose or sagging abdomen as well as breasts that appear deflated. A rising new trend in the world of cosmetic medicine, “Mommy Makeovers” are a series of treatments aimed at helping women get closer to their pre-baby body. Dr. Mihye Choi of KCNY Plastic Surgery was on hand to discuss this important new approach.

“Pregnancy can affect the body in a number of unexpected ways. Many mothers find themselves dealing with a flabby or hanging midsection, and breasts can begin to sag and droop, particularly in those who chose to breastfeed,” Dr. Choi explains. “Thankfully, modern plastic surgery offers a solution: the Mommy Makeover.”

Explaining the procedure in more detail, Dr. Choi offered this: “A Mommy Makeover is not a one-size-fits-all type of procedure but rather a customized treatment plan, based on each patient’s unique medical needs and cosmetic goals,” explains Dr. Choi. “Common Mommy Makeover procedures include tummy tuck surgery, breast augmentation and breast lift surgery. Liposuction is also commonly used to remove fat from localized, exercise-resistant areas.”

Dr. Choi also spoke to the rising popularity of this cutting-edge approach. “In the past few years, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of Mommy Makeover procedures we perform,” reports Dr. Choi. “We attribute this in large part to the high degree of patient satisfaction that the procedure carries.” Dr. Choi’s suggestion confirms recent data published by leading plastic surgery community site, RealSelf®. Asking users to vote on which cosmetic procedures were “worth it” for them, all things considered, Mommy Makeover procedures earned a remarkable 98% “worth it” rating.

Speaking to those exploring cosmetic surgery for the first time, Dr. Choi concluded with this: “The best way to find out more about a Mommy Makeover is to schedule an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Those in New York City and the surrounding areas are encouraged to contact our practice directly at (212) 355-5779 or through”

About Dr. Choi

Dr. Mihye Choi, a board certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan, is highly respected and well-known. Her practice focuses on face, breast and body plastic surgery, and she has been featured in numerous publications.

Board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Choi graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine in 1987. She completed her general surgery training at Harvard Beth Israel Hospital. This was followed with plastic surgery residency at Mount Sinai Hospital, a research fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and a hand surgery fellowship at NYU Medical Center.

Dr. Choi joined the Faculty at the Institute of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery at New York University School of Medicine in 1998. Last year, with Dr. Nolan Karp, she was the Co-Program Director of the NYU sponsored meeting, “Breast Reconstruction: State of the Art.”

At their newly constructed office in midtown Manhattan, Dr. Choi practices at KCNY Plastic Surgery with Dr. Nolan Karp. KCNY can be reached at (212) 355-5779 or

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