Flip Flops for Everyone

The humble flip-flop has gone from being beachwear to being fashion wear, and today millions of people own at least one pair.

Flip flops have been around for far longer than people think. They were worn by ancient Greeks, Romans and many other ancient cultures. However, they were replaced by more sophisticated footwear and were mostly worn indoors, so they largely fell out of general use. However, in the 60s, they began to be widely worn again and almost immediately one manufacture stood out above the rest. The Brazilian firm Alpargatas introduced their high fashion range of flip-flops called Havaianas to the world in 1962. They were an almost instant hit, and today over 150 million pairs are sold worldwide. There is a great range of fashion Havaianas flip flops available from Flip Flop And Away, who sell the majority of the flipflops sold in the UK.

When the firm was established, they decided to sell only one brand of flip flops, Havaianas. Many people thought this was short sighted; however, it turned out to be an excellent business decision. The fact that Havaianas produces such a huge range of different types and styles means that they appeal to virtually every kind of consumer.

Older people find them easy to get on and off, so like wearing them as slippers. Whilst younger consumers like the casual look of flip flops. They wear them everywhere, including to parties, college and the beach.

Women enjoy dressing their flops up, adding charms, chains, beads and even rhinestones. With a summer dress or skirt they are the perfect footwear.

Even children love flip-flops. There are plenty of styles to choose from, including shoes themed with their favourite cartoon characters. Baby versions, with a small back strap, are also becoming more popular.

The 2013 Havaianas collection
Flip Flop and Away has just taken delivery of a new range of Havaianas, and are looking forward to an increase in sales. People who wear these famous flip-flops always eagerly anticipate the new releases and buy immediately new versions are released. This year, slim straps, decorated at the attachment point are in. Muted, sophisticated colours are more prominent, but the company has not forgotten those who like zany high colour flip flops. Therefore, they have included a few bright designs in their 2013 collection.

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