mBuyNow Updates Shipping Methods on Website

mBuyNow revamps its entire list of shipping methods to include free shipping and low-cost expedited shipping methods in light of the economy.

mBuyNow has revamped its entire list of shipping methods. By selecting the carrier and form of shipping, customers will enjoy different shipping options with economy, priority and fast service. To help customers select the appropriate shipping method, mBuyNow will provide delivery time guidelines with each option. mBuyNow will also continue to provide specific guaranteed delivery dates.

According to mBuyNow, most customers are not concerned with who is delivering their package; they only care about when it will arrive. Therefore, the responsibility of the store is to find proper cooperated logistics to provide fast and safe delivery for customers from every corner of the world. The store has been working for several months with Royal Mail, United Parcel Service and DHL to bring to its customers these steep discounts.

To kick off the new structure, mBuyNow is offering free shipping from HK to worldwide, with no minimum order required. Customers can make purchases for as little as $1.99 and obtain free shipping without any coupon codes needed. In addition to United Parcel Service and DHL shipping options, the costumes retailer will continue to offer international and military address shipping options with the Royal Mail service, HK Mail and German Mail.

About mBuyNow
mBuyNow is one of the most popular online retailers which provide customers with gas engines and accessories for RC models. Along with RC accessories, the online retailer also offers an impressive catalog of electric accessories, laser pointers, flashlights, and toys. mBuyNow prides itself on its excellent customer service and extensive experience in the industry. Its goal is to bring to its customers the best online shopping experience possible. As a brand-new site with enormous potential and developing space, mBuyNow will try best to serve customers and gain more achievements.

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