Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf Prince – New Amazon Kindle ebook

Many parents are concerned on how to teach their children in forming their values such as kindness and at the same time being able to give unconditional love to others. This is the plot of a new ebook, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Prince.

You may have heard of the classic story of the Little Red Riding Hood but this one’s a variation of the traditional children’s fairy tale. In this story, Little Red Riding Hood and her Granny get to meet a new friend, and that is the Wolf Prince. Unlike the other children’s stories, it is the Wolf Prince who is in distress and only Little Red Riding Hood can help him.

“Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Prince – Variation of the Famous Classic Fairy Tale!” is a delightful twist that intertwines the regular plot with humorously unique circumstances to create an entirely new story to be loved and read by adults and children alike.  Filled with thirty eight wonderfully colorful illustrations, it is a perfect bedtime read.

It is a brilliant ebook by authors Richard and Samantha Hargreaves with illustrations by Yuri Miyawaki. It is a well written ebook that is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who reads it.

Hargreaves says, “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Prince is our story. We encounter problems in life and we need people to help us. Sometimes, when we least expect it, strangers would come to the rescue regardless of who we are or what we look like. The two characters will make us realize these and teach us these lessons.”

The Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Prince ebook are available on Amazon Kindle Store with free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet.


Author: Richard Hargreaves, Samantha Hargreaves
Illustrator: Yuri Miyawaki
Title:Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf Prince
Published: May 13, 2013
Published by: IRONPOWER Publishing
Special Introductory Price: 99 cents Kindle edition
Available at Amazon:

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