Essentiality enhanced by the organ-ears –

The ears are an essential part of the body. While we feel that we dominantly perceive things and absorb elements of our surroundings through our eyes, it is also true that our hearing sense are equally important as far as analyzing and adapting to and surroundings is concerned. Yes, it is very much a fact that consciously and externally we are more dependent on our eyesight for the purpose of examining all the information that we are exposed to physically.

However, it is only when we hear something particular to which our attention gets drawn or when we are not able to hear something that we ought to or wish to, do we realize the importance of the ears. Unconsciously, we hear a lot of things throughout the course of the entire day. As a matter of fact, these parts are able to function even when we sleep; it is only that such information does not get stored in the conscious memory, but could instead be sent to the subconscious one.

Hearing is thus a very significant aspect of the body. Without it, it would be rather difficult to be able to identify things that are around us. As a matter of fact, this sense is so strong that we do not need to see what exactly has happened or is happening as we are capable of making out what is the possible scene or situation by just listening to the sound.

As a result, it is of deep significance that good care is taken of our ears. It must be ensured that there is no damage caused to it. One must prevent water from entering into them as far as possible. It’s also necessary to keep them safe from external objects owing to their tender nature.

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