Ties – A symbol of smartness and Status

Ties – a symbol of smartness, status, position and a totally corporate image. One needs to be very careful while choosing ties that would go with your outfit and would also suit and enhance your personality.

There are many types of ties available and that too in different types of materials. You get designer silk ties, woven silk ties, corporate silk ties. The material could be hand woven, silk or printed. The ties are available in many colors – yellow silk ties, blue silk ties, red silk ties, green ties and black silk ties to name a few. 

Ties make one of the best gifts for men. You get many varieties of Men’s ties, Men’s silk ties and the Men’s ties in UK are really fancy yet elegant. Tie is a gift that every man would love to receive.

One needs to follow certain guidelines to select the right kind of tie for the man you want to give.

a) One needs to select in such a way that you introduce a variety into his wardrobe. It could be Silk Neckties for Men, corporate ties corporate silk ties or his own company tie. The finishing of the fabric should be fine and perfect. The silk should have a luxurious look with good detailing. One of the premium qualities is Italian silk or the Signature collection.

b) The texture of different silks should be experimented with. This would add diversity to your collection of ties. The basket weave neckties add an element of interest to the business attire. One could also select from a ribbed solid color tie for a subtle twist on an attractive classic.

c) One needs to try different knots with your neck ties to give a different look each time you wear a tie. A thin tie can have a different style of knot than a corporate silk tie. A Windsor knot would lend a formal look and would be more suitable for a spread collar or a pointed collar.

d) A silk tie would give you a distinctive appearance. The silk ties give a sophisticated look which is enhanced with luxurious silk fabric.

e) One should dare to mix and match ties with different prints, solids and stripes. One can have many creative designs to make you look different and you can stand apart.

f) Bright colored ties make you look modern, bright and give you more confidence to move around.

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