Inclement Weather is Boosting Sales of Dubarry Clothing

This year’s awful weather is not keeping people indoors. Instead, they are dressing for the climate, getting out, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Increasingly, UK consumers are choosing to buy Dubarry clothing to keep them warm and dry even when the weather is inclement. Importantly, today, all kinds of people want to buy their clothing. Gone are the days when it was only the hunting, shooting and fishing set that wore this stylish, yet timeless outdoorclothing range. These days you are just as likely to see a set of classic Galways being worn at Glastonbury as you are at Badminton Horse Trials.

The fact that the weather has been so bad for so long is definitely leading consumers to invest in high quality outdoor clothing. The Met office reports that 2012 was the UK’s wettest year in over 100 years. Whilst 2013 has been drier, it has been very cold and most people have suffered some form of extreme weather. Even this late in the year it is not particularly hot or warm. The fact that a proper windproof and waterproof coat or jacket can be worn for more than just one or two months of the year means more UK consumers feel justified in buying a good quality one.

In addition, UK consumers are increasingly tiring of spending money on cheap clothes that look shoddy after being worn just a few times. They feel that buying cheap clothes is a false economy, so, instead, they are increasingly buying high quality clothing.

Wider availability is also boosting sales
The other factor that is boosting sales is availability. In the past, the kind of clothing produced and sold by Dubarry was only available in a few outlets, which only a relatively small section of the UK’s population frequented. Today, they distribute through firms like Naylors who have a huge equestrian store in Rochdale, but also sell online. The web has helped to spread the word about the quality, and range of Dubarry clothing that is available as well as make it more accessible to the general population.

Naylors Equestrian, Bridge Point
100 Mellor Street, ROCHDALE, UK
Zip: OL11 5AT
Tel: 01706 507555

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