Digital Cameras Offer Better Pictures Than Camera Phones

The proliferation of camera phones and supposedly advanced camera settings on the modern smartphone mean that many people are ditching their dedicated cameras in preference for a single smartphone device. While the convenience of carrying a single device that offers mobile phone, mobile gaming device, and mobile digital camera cannot be denied, the quality of the digital camera still far surpasses that of the vast majority of mobile phone cameras.

A report in India recently showed that more than 90% of consumers prefer a high end smartphone to the purchase of a dedicated digital camera. The fact that these devices will also capture video footage, and often enables users to capture more than the approximate ten minute maximum of digital cameras, means that it is little surprise to most people to learn that the camera is becoming the preferred method of taking, storing, and sharing photos.

The mobile phone camera is certainly convenient. Rather than having to carry around multiple devices, consumers are able to carry just one. A high end smartphone enables users to send and receive calls, messages, and emails. It also allows for the playing of games, the watching of media, and even some image editing and manipulation thrown in for good measure. However, the quality of even some of the most expensive camera phones does not typically compare to that of a reasonable digital camera.

Digital cameras are designed with a sole purpose in mind – to take pictures. Every bit of the design is utilised to help ensure that users are able to take the best quality picture in a wide variety of different settings. Where the mobile phone will often struggle to take good quality pictures in low lighting or in other situations, even budget digital cameras offer automatic and manual settings that allow for the best possible picture of these sorts.

It is, perhaps inevitably, the budget digital cameras that have suffered the most. People that rely on budget cameras are typically not after the best quality photo but are more interested in the portability and convenience of the camera. This same combination can be enjoyed with a smartphone, although perhaps to a lesser extent.

The line between digital cameras and smartphones is only set to blur even more with companies like Samsung releasing dedicated camera phones. The Samsung Galaxy Zoom will offer the best features of a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone but will combine these features with some of the more advanced features of a compact digital cameras. Nokia, too, has a line of phones that are dedicated to the mobile snapper and Sony looks set to release some interesting models with good quality cameras.

For consumers that want more from their pictures, however, there is little compromise and digital cameras offer the best features and quality. Bigger sensors and higher resolutions are combined with some of the most advanced features on offer in bridge and digital SLR cameras. These do cost more than budget cameras but the extra cost is immediately evident in the quality of photos that are taken. To find out latest Digital cameras, please visit

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