Samsung Hopes New Variants Will Lift Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales

JP Morgan recently cut profit estimates for Samsung citing a slowing in demand for its Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship device. However, news of the incoming S4 Mini and new leaks of the so called Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom may help sales pick up once again. The Mini will be smaller and slightly powered down version of the main device while the Zoom, as the name suggests, is a camera orientated version of the S4 and will, according to rumours at least, feature a massive 20.9mp camera.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s latest flagship device and replaces the S3. It takes on the likes of the Apple iPhone and the HTC ONE and while many critics slammed the earlier Galaxy devices for the size of their screen, a 5 inch display has become more than accepted. Users that trade up from a smaller device will typically not turn back to something smaller because of the increased functionality, flexibility, and quality of the handset that is on offer.

Samsung shifted 10 million units of the S4 within the first 7 days of it being released and this led to estimates of 80 million sales this year. However, JP Morgan has said that while initial sales were up on the sales of the S3, they have slowed and that they now expect total sales figures to reach a number closer to 60 million. However, Samsung clearly hopes that the addition of new variants of the phone will help to resurrect their fortunes.

Just last week, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was unveiled. For those that believe the S4 is either too large or too powerful, the Mini could provide the ideal alternative. It features a smaller 4.3 inch screen which means that it still dwarfs some other handset models. It also has an 8mp camera rather than the 13mp featured in the full size version. The 1.7GHz dual core process is less powerful but it does have many of the same features and the same Samsung quality many have come to expect.

If the 8mp camera doesn’t excite consumers, then maybe the rumoured S4 Zoom will. Apparently leaked photos show a device that is a combination of smartphone and digital camera. It has a 4.3 inch display like the Mini and, most impressively of all, it has a massive 20.9mp camera. The phone will have 16GB of internal storage as well as an f/5.6 lens. Although no official word has been given by Samsung regarding the device, a Samsung press event scheduled for 20th June is expected to be the time when the Zoom and other new devices are released.

Where Apple tends to only release one version of its iPhone, Samsung has previously taken the step of releasing a number of different variants. They hope to mop up consumers that believe their flagship to be too big or too expensive by offering something smaller and a little cheaper. The question is, will it be enough to help them turn around flagging sales figures?
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