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(http://www.kamagramart.com) : People who eat a diet high in fiber-rich whole grains are less likely to develop heart disease or diabetes according to a review of past studies. The analysis was conducted and the group said evidence suggests foods with cereal fiber or mixtures of whole grains and bran are “modestly associated” with a reduced disease risk.

The strongest evidence for benefit came from cereal fiber, researchers said. It would include breakfast cereals as well as breads and brown rice with a high fiber content listed on the label. Cereal fiber may be one of the protective ingredients of whole grains that contribute to lower disease risk. People who ate the most cereal fiber or whole grains and bran had an 18 to 40 percent lower risk of diabetes than those who ate the least.

Likewise, people with diets high in cereal fiber had a 22 to 43 percent lower risk of stroke across the studies and were 14 to 26 percent less likely to die of cardiovascular disease. Fiber-rich grains were also tied to a lower weight of the body, but the effect was very small. Two studies found people who ate the most of those grains lost about one more pound than other participants.

The benefits of whole grains in general – without bran and outside of cereal fiber – were less clear, they said. Because none of the studies randomly assigned people to eat different amounts of whole grains, which included the cereal fiber, but they can’t prove that it was the fiber, itself, that helped to prevent diabetes and heart disease

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