Decorative Lighting Company Acts the Ultimate Go-To Resource for Outdoor Lighting Products

Established in 2005, Decorative Lighting Company is a specialist supplier of certified and reliable outdoor lighting products. Their exceptional lighting effects meet industry standards in Australia and New Zealand.

With over 25 years of experience, Tony Norrie, founder of Decorative lighting Company saw a need to develop a complaint safe 240 volt light systems that are easy to install and maintain that’s why deco lights are manufactured through a reliable china factory. “This holiday time is perfect for families to gather for cook outs and parties. We specialize in designing outdoor living spaces for evening entertainment and the end result is lighting excellence achieved every time, guaranteed”, stated Tony Norrie.

All outdoor light from fairy LED lights, Icicle lights, Curtain lights, wedding lights, marquee lights, 24V fairy lights, wash lights, pond lights, twinkle lights, disco lights, tree lights to umbrella lights are certified and complaint to AS/NZ 60598.2.20.2002. Also the exemplary firm is having years of experience in working with festive lightings. “The product can be split in various directions and extended to long lengths from one power source. There is a choice of LED or Ambient bulbs. These two light combinations give very different effects to your light creations. With the addition of Curtain and Icicle lights your home can be very simple project or a major light show”, added Tony Norrie.

He continued, “New advances in LED lighting technology continue to increase the efficiency, efficacy and overall quality of our LED products. All our products reduce energy consumption while increasing light output, durability and quality”.

Along with certified outdoor lights, Decorative Lighting Company endows a total service to complete an ambient light-scape, installation service for deco light and lighting systems for natural trees on main streets or commercial landscapes, and maintenance services to ensure the tress lit are not stressed and new tree growth is not damaged or hindered in anyway. “If you ask me to describe Decorative Lighting Company in one sentence I would say, Decorative Lighting Company is your one stop resource to get any outdoor lights”, Tony Norrie added finally.

About Decorative Lighting Company

Since 2005, Decorative Lighting Company is a specialist supplier of outdoor lighting products. They provide customers a total service from design, layouts, formats to installation of lighting systems for natural trees on main streets or commercial landscapes. For more info, click here

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