Colio Estate Wines Offers Exciting Low Season And High Season Ontario Wine Tours

What greater thrill can there be for wine lovers than to taste, consume, or purchase wine near the source itself. 

Ontario wine tours offered by Colio Estate Wines promise wine lovers exactly that – visits replete with vineyard walks, visits to grape handling and processing units, and finally culminating the heavenly tour by tasting wines at their elegant Hospitality Centre. 

Here visitors can also purchase wines brands in their current portfolio.

Colio Estate Wines is a chateau built on winery–owned 200 acres of vineyards on the Lake Erie North Shore and 21 acres on the Niagara Peninsula.

Colio Estate Wines when they launched their business in 1980 were the first recipients of winery license since prohibition.

This wine producer reawakened wine making interest in the region. This finally led to the establishment of the Lake Erie North Shore as a VQA designated viticultural area.

VQA stands for Vintners Quality Alliance, the official appellation system used for verifying origin and quality of Canadian wine. VQA is now enshrined in law and operates out of Ontario and British Columbia regions.

One of the pioneers in bringing Colio Estate Wines on the world map was Carlo Negri, a Master Winemaker from Italy. He has been instrumental in Colio Estate Wines receiving numerous awards in global competitions.

By promoting Ontario wine tours Colio Estate Wines is doing its fair share of promoting tourism in the area.

As one tour operator rightly said, “The very nature of the wine industry lends itself to a union with tourism, providing the tourists with the opportunity to experience, history, food, culture, new smells, sounds, and tastes – a combination of culture, lifestyle, and territory”.

Wine tourism is already big business is some parts of the United States, like California.

The rest of the world is falling in line. With Ontario wine tours on offer, Colio Estate Wines is hoping to make vini-tourism a serious part of its business.

About Colio Estate Wines

Colio Estate Wines is a producer of red and white wines. This company founded in 1980 provides goods and services including event planning, wine tours, private label services, stemware and wine accessories, and wine/food pairing, and export assistance.

Customers can order wine online as well through retail boutiques, the winery and directly from the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) stores.

Contact address:
Colio Estate Winery
1 Colio Drive PO Box 372
Harrow, Ontario, Canada
N0R 1G0
T: 519.738.3070

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