Powerbank.my Malaysia – Providing the best recharging solutions at affordable costs

Powerbank.my Malaysia specializes in delivering array of powerbank products to clients straight from their factory in China. This Malaysian company helps clients get the best and the most advanced technologies from wide array of cell phones and mobile accessories they inherit. The company attracts customers from all over the world for the affordability provided in buying any of its products. The company’s single channel marketing plan has helped customers to get the best value and highest quality for any products they choose to buy. 
The company’s power bank is renowned for the utility and the convenience rendered to people from all walks of life. One can carry around the power bank with them to all places of travel. It is a device which stores electricity for the purpose of fully charging mobile phones, tablets and such other communication devices used in day-to-day activities. A power bank can recharge portable DVD players, MP3s, MP4s, GPS devices, digital cameras, camcorders and PDA amongst many other electronic devices.

Power bank can be utilized to recharge all such devices of communication without being present at the place of power outlet. The company has always strived to infuse technology in the making of power banks. Developing and enhancing product functionalities has always been the primary objective of the company. It is through this that the company has resolved the problem of portability by refining their product dimensions and structure aptly.
MY Power Bank is also a merchant for leading companies of the world such as Groupon and Lazada. It embosses the ‘My Power Bank’ logo on all its products to instill trustworthiness in its sale. The Power bank brand has succeeded in bringing the best array of products at affordable prices and in the smallest size possible. The company’s research and development team checks every product before embossing the logo on them. The company has earned considerable reputation for its 12000mah powerbank car phone computer. This LED multi-function jump starter mobile power comes with 1 X Multi-Function Mobile Power Supply , 1 X The wall charge , 1 X Car charge , 1 X Power cable with the battery clip , 2 X Connecting line , 6 X Adapter for Phone , 8 X Adapter for Notebook computer and 1 X User Manual.  This is by far the most appropriate electric device anyone can find for getting their car recharged instantly.
Visit http://www.powerbank.my for any further information.

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