SubmitEdge – The Best Press Releases for a Page One Rank

 SubmitEdge offers a press release submission service that is guaranteed to increase the rankings of websites in a very short span of time. Press release submission is considered to be one of the most reputed and efficient ways of increasing rankings.

These days link building, content and keywords have all come under the scanner by search engines ever since the algorithms were changed. At a time when SEO experts are struggling with ways to increase rankings, this method continues to remain safe with high chances of success. 

One of the main factors in this method is the way the content is written. It requires the skill of experienced writers to prepare the right kind of material. And skilled writers are something that SubmitEdge has in plenty. Once the content has been prepared the material is then sent to the submission team that has a long list of sites and platforms that they can distribute to. They have contacts with PR sites, Google News, Yahoo News, newswires and newsrooms to distribute the material. By using these services, customers find that their material is sent to leading newspapers, radio stations and trade publications in the country.

The content that is prepared for this service needs to meet the industry guidelines. SubmitEdge knows what those guidelines are and how they need to be met. The agency also has plenty of skill, when it comes to keyword research. The right keywords are chosen, so that the PR will get the attention of search engine spiders. One of the most important things about PR is the way the submissions are done. When it is being submitted to a directory or a website, the agency makes sure that all submissions are made manually. The PR is also sent to the customer for approval before it is posted on a directory or given to a news bureau.

Once the project has been completed, the client is given a comprehensive report. SEO work has become tough, because the search engines are constantly changing the rules for the way they rank websites. These days, the emphasis is more on quality and less on quantity. It requires great skills to get top ranking. SubmitEdge has employees with all the required skill and experience to make sure that the project is a success. To know more about press release submission customers can log on to

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