The Cursed Grand Designs Water Tower

For those of you who love to watch the property programme Grand Designs, presented by Kevin McCloud, you will certainly remember the Victorian water tower, which featured on the 100th episode of the show. However the property has since been put up for sale after the owners of the nine-storey water tower decided to move. 
The house was originally put on the market for £6.5million in April but has since been reduced by £2million. The converted Victorian water tower is located in the site of a former Lambeth workhouse in Kennington in South London and was bought by the owners for £380,000. The water tower was a Grade II listed building and cost £2million to convert from a crumbling wreck into a family home. 
The house still features the water tank which once held 38,000 gallons of water, the nine floors and the largest set of sliding doors in the UK. What is exceptional about the water tower is that it has a 360-degree views across London from the 100ft tower.
Owner Graham Voce revealed on the TV show that he had borrowed his grandmother’s credit card just to finish off the water tower, to an eye-watering amount of £95,000. Kevin McCloud called the renovation “crazy but he pulls it off”.
Then in April in an interview in The Sunday Times it was revealed that the owners were planning on selling the water tower for £6.5million. Hamptons International, the estate agents selling the property, described it as the “most unusual” home that they had ever marketed.
Other homes that have previously featured in the show have also run into trouble. In 2011 Dean Marks revealed that he had suffered two heart attacks and divorced from his wife after converting an 18th century church into a family home. The home was also repeatedly vandalised.
A houseboat which also featured on the show in March 2007, known as The Medway Eco-barge, broke free from its mooring in the Thames estuary off Southend after it again appeared to have been vandalised.
However Grand Designs is not involved in any of the renovation projects, as they are simply there to document the process of the renovation or conversion.

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