Parkinson’s disease could be caused by a mutation of genes

It has been revealed in a recent study that there have been certain mutations of the genes can lead to Parkinson’s disease and it can be elaborated that this disorder enhances the chances of causing death of some cells present in the brain. The study included the defects that were present in the Parkinson’s gene which lead to disorders along with mitaphagy. This is described as an essential procedure which leads to the elimination of the deteriorated cells from the human body.

Mitochondria serves as the powerhouse of energy of the cells whose proper functioning is important in the nerve cells as they require appropriate amount of energy for their survival. Abnormal status of this organ is detrimental & this causes the disposition of the cells of the deteriorated mitochondria according to the procedure termed as mitophagy. According to the researchers, they explain that PINK1 & Parkin are essential aspects in such processes.

They further explain that mutations that are caused in Fbxo7 are somehow associated with such disorders & also interfere in the routes of administration of PINK1 & Parkin. Thus, this causes the advancement of dysfunctional mitochondria.

The scientists further explain that it is essential to enhance the effective maintenance of mitochondria so as to maintain the healthy state of the neurons. An early diagnosis of such disorders can efficiently help to reduce the chances of such deterioration, thereby supporting the health of this organ. The study is to be made much more profound by answering to the questions like what leads for the death of the cells in the brain to die which suffering from Parkinson’s disease?

So more essential treatments must be encouraged so as to reduce the chances of suffering from such harmful illnesses & promote healthy life.

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