A new and more powerful MacBook Air

The popular ultra-lightweight and ultra-portable laptop has, until its most recent update, lacked the kind of power that many users require from their device. However, the 2013 release changes that with the introduction of a more powerful processor and extended battery life. With details of the impending MacBook Pro laptop not yet released, the MacBook Air has closed the gap between the two lines.

The design of the new MacBook Air is striking for its similarity to the original. The bezel around the side of the screen may increase the size slightly but it helps ensure that the Air looks as good and as stylish as it ever has. It is, of course, incredibly thin, measuring just 1.7cm thick, and light, being just a shade over 1kg. It will easily and comfortably fit into a rucksack or bag so that it truly is a portable MacBook laptop. The only real problem with a design that is largely unchanged is that you won’t be able to show off the fact that you have the very latest version.

One of the areas where the MacBook Air has struggled in the past is in its processor power. The typical user won’t really notice any drop in power but those looking for HD video editing or using software that demands a lot of processor requirements may find some delay in their work. For work trips when mobility is important, then, the MacBook Air is considered one of the best buys.

When it comes to media, the Air is a solid option although it only manages 720p resolution. Even the iPad offers improved 1,080p resolution but Apple engineers have managed to increase the battery life so that you can enjoy watching numerous videos and a selection of content without having to worry about charging your laptop too often. Users are able to access all the content that is available via iTunes as well as content from the likes of Netflix and LoveFilm.

As well as a greatly improved processor, the new MacBook Air also improves upon battery life. A single charge will last users 9 for approximately 9 hours and this means that it won’t be necessary to have to keep charging every few hours. Many potential buyers were put off the purchase of the MacBook Air because of the short battery life combined with a processor that wasn’t as effective as that found in the MacBook Pro. However, the new enhancements have helped ensure that there are fewer barriers to entry with the new model.

Apple have a reputation for manufacturing popular and stylish devices and the range of MacBook devices available is certainly no exception. There are a number of options and variants to help ensure that buyers get the best deal possible. While further upgrades seem likely for the more powerful MacBook Pro line, consumers can satisfy themselves with the much improved version of the lightweight and portable MacBook Air now available.

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