Enjoy wine on tap with an apparatus released by Canadian Beverage Supply

Canadians love to partake in beer drinking during every season of the year. Enjoying a brew with friends and family at home, or with business associates at a bar, or with dinner out with any of these groups of people, is one of the country’s most beloved activities. A new trend, however, is cropping up among beverage enthusiasts. That trend? Drinking wine from a tap.
Wine on tap might seem to be a counterintuitive means of dispensing the beverage at first glance, but the method makes sense. How does it work? Rather than distributing the wine through a bottle, the beverage comes from a stainless steel keg. The difference lies in the stage of the winemaking and packaging process where wine typically goes to the bottles. With wine on tap dispensers, wine is put into stainless steel kegs following the stage where the wine is barreled. This ensures that the wine takes on the properties it typically gains from the wood barrels, and does not effect the taste of the final product. The stainless steel barrels typically hold around 26 bottles of wine, enough for about 130 glasses – a high number. After the wine is placed in the keg, gases like argon or nitrogen protect the wine from becoming overly oxidized.

The good news about wine on tap, other than it being incredibly simple, is that is helps to reduce costs for all parties involved in the production, purchase, transportation, and of course consumption of the beverage. Since wine retailers usually serve wine by the glass and dispense through the use of individual bottles, bottles have to be resealed in the traditional method. The risk of wine spoiling quicker is far greater through these means. Wine on tap also reduces the amount of packaging needed to serve and deliver the wine – saving on costs for the manufacturer and helping to reduce waste in the environment. Speaking of the environment: additional “green” props can be given to wine on tap because transportation costs go down as wine on tap weighs significantly less in kegs than in individual bottles.

The wine tap towers offered from Canadian Beverage Supply are consistent with the company’s dedication to offering products that appeal to a wide variety of aesthetic design tastes, while remaining functional and long-lasting. The collection of wine towers adheres to these standards. Among the new products are sleek chrome designs, tall colorful towers, and even a ceramic tap with charming grape accent. The towers range from one tap to four, and other materials such as keg couplers, quixes, standard taps, shank assemblies, glycol decks, and wine chillers are also available for purchase.

To download the product brochure from Canadian Beverage Supply, visit http://www.cdnbev.com/

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