Much more than an MP3 player: the iPod Touch

People looking for a good quality mp3 player have a wide range of options. Each brand have their own advantages. The iPod Touch may not be the cheapest on the market but it is also far from being just an mp3 player, providing a camera, gaming, and many other features.

More than 100 million iPod Touch devices have been sold since the devices first launch and it remains one of Apple’s best sellers. The touch screen features coupled with gyro sensors and accelerometer ensure that it is convenient and fun to use. Fans of the device range in age from the very young to the very old and one area that Apple has typically received positive praise is in the simplicity of their devices. Even newcomers to touch screen and media devices find it easy to get along with the Touch.

The iPod Touch is now in its fifth generation and with every full generation comes marked improvements from Apple. The fifth release is no different and analysts have pointed to the improved processor, better camera, and increased functions as being some of the greatest improvements in this round of devices. While the iPod functions well as an mp3 player it really comes into its own as a device that can be used to play games and apps downloaded from the Apple Store.

The new iPod Touch has an A5 processor. This is an 800MHz dual core processor, a considerable upgrade from its single core predecessor. RAM has also been doubled so that the device carries 512MB now. These two upgrades combine to mean that games and apps run quicker and there is no delay or lag when playing even the most intensive of gaming experiences. Multi-tasking is also better quality, quicker, and praised by those that regularly use the device.

The quality of the screen is another enhancement that will be enjoyed by buyers of the new device. The 3.5” screen is replaced by a 4” screen but the iPod Touch retains its 326 pixels per inch quality so it is reported to have crisp and extremely clear images. Buyers can benefit from the screen not only for gaming and using apps but also for watching TV and video clips, for viewing their own photos, and for a variety of other media uses.

The iPod Touch is the most popular mp3 player in the world and leads the line for Apple, when it comes to music players. Reviewers and analysts put its success down to the access to apps and games that are on offer, claiming it be as close to owning a high end iPhone as possible without having to pay the same kind of premium price. With new additions, improvements, and greater features found on the fifth generation of the Touch, it is an even more powerful and beneficial device.

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