Longmont dentist eases patients’ anxiety with sedation dentistry

Root canals are not a particularly pleasant experience.Many people avoid this very important treatment and put themselves at risk of losing a tooth simply because the thought of the procedure is overwhelming. Using sedation dentistry, however, the Longmont Root Canal Dentist can offer patients an anxietyfree root canal.

“Most patients feel a significant amount of stress when faced with the prospect of root canal therapy,” explains Dr. Kurt Knechtel. “The staff at our Longmont Root Canal Dentist office helps smooth the way for these patients by explaining the treatment process in detail and using sedation dentistry to keep them calm and relaxed. But we don’t stop there – in spite of sedation, a patient may still experience a certain level of stress about the treatment. To help alleviate these anxious feelings we provide our patients with a calming, luxurious environment including massage chairs, soothing tea, and soft pillows.”

Sedation dentistry may include oral medication that is prescribed for the patient to take before their appointment so that they are relaxed even before treatment begins. Once they arrive for treatment, the dentist may combine oral medication with nitrous oxide sedation, or laughing gas. By using sedation dentistry, patients who undergo root canal treatment often have very little or no memory of the sights and sounds that occurred during treatment.

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that is used to remove infected material from inside the tooth. Each tooth houses blood vessels, tissue and nerves. When this part of the tooth becomes infected due to decay or advanced periodontal disease, it must be thoroughly cleansed and treated or the tooth may be lost. The dentist clears away infected tissue, then cleanses and seals the tooth. The treatment is completed with a dental crown that is placed to protect the tooth.

About the Longmont Root Canal Dentist

Since graduating from Oregon Health Science School of Dentistry in 1995, Dr. Knechtel has established himself as a premier family and cosmetic dentist—bringing the latest technological innovations to his patients to keep them smiling. He is an active member of the American Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association, and Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Knechtel is committed to continuing education and offering patients the highest quality dental care available by keeping his knowledge of dental instruments and procedures up to date.


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