Eco-friendly cleaners offer services in Cambridgeshire

Peterborough-based cleaning company Greenheart Clean promises a 100 percent green cleaning service for your homes and offices. All of their products used are eco-friendly and non-toxic.

Even the most commonly used cleaning products are made using harsh chemical substances that can cause serious health problems. Common chemicals used in cleaning supplies include formaldehyde, ammonia, potassium hydroxide, sodium acid sulfate, etc. Some of these are known carcinogens, while others can cause problems like asthma and allergies when used over the long run.

“We use only bio degradable products that are natural and non-toxic. These products do not harm you and are ideal in an environment where children and asthmatic patients live,” says a spokesperson for the Peterborough cleaning company. Another common chemical used in cleaning products is chlorine. This is an extremely dangerous product; in fact reports indicate that women with breast cancer have almost 50 to 60% higher levels of organichlorines in their tissue. Various health organizations have repeatedly called for a ban on chlorine based products.

Among the services offered by the Company includes standard cleaning, pre/post tenancy cleaning, carpet cleaning and even eco-friendly removals. “You can either call us for bespoke regular cleaning or a one-off cleaning. We offer to do a thorough job; in fact any residue product that is left after cleaning is disposed in an environmentally responsible manner,” adds the spokesperson.

About Greenheart Cleaning Company:

Greenheart Cleaning Company is an eco-conscience cleaning service company based in Peterborough. They use natural and bio degradable cleaning products that are neither harmful to the environment nor to living beings. Even the cleaning methods employed by the company are eco-friendly.

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