Hand-made custom swings with Rope Tree Swings

People looking to add excitement to their garden should consider hanging a rope tree swing. Rope tree swings are an inexpensive way for both kids and adults to have fun during the hot summer days. Rope Tree Swings LLC is providing a large selection of high quality swings at a great price. Those who have purchased one say they have been the talk of the neighborhood.

Rope Tree Swings LLC makes all of their swings by hand in the U.S. So customers are guaranteed to get a quality swing that shows true marksmanship. Every swing is made with great care and detail, and the company is so confident that they offer all customers a 100% money back guarantee on their swings.

The rope tree swings are built with only high-quality materials so customers can feel confident knowing they are getting a durable rope tree swing. The complete kits that they sell on their website are designed using safety grade metal attachments that are capable of holding up to 500 lbs. The rope used is made of 3 strands of polyproylene resulting in a 3/4 inch line. It is made to last for years and will not get ruined by the sun, as it is UV treated before it is used in the swings. The rope is also 100% waterproof, and can comfortable hold up to 700 lbs. The wood used for the tree rope swing seat is ore-treated pine. They also offer hard wood made seats that will last even longer than pine.

When selecting a tree to hang the swing from, Rope Tree Swings recommends that customers use a few tips to ensure the swing is installed properly. First of all, a tree needs to be carefully chosen. The tree should be able to bear the weight of those who will be swinging from it, and it should have clear space around it so that there is room to move. Once the tree is chosen, a branch will need to be selected. Typically the branch should be at least eight inches or more around. The proper time needs to be taken to ensure both adults and children can enjoy the swing safely without worrying about possibly getting injured.

Using a rope tree swing can be a fun and inexpensive activity for the whole family to enjoy. There truly is nothing like enjoying the sun and warm weather by swinging from a tree. Many families purchase rope tree swings for friends and family to enjoy in their backyard. Not only is a rope free swing fun to use, but it is a beautiful piece of decoration that can add charm to your yard space.

Visit the Rope Tree Swings website at www.ropetreeswings.com to view all of the swing options they have available. Their customer service team is ready to assist customers over the phone or via e-mail if they have any questions regarding the rope tree swings. They ship out quickly, and will gladly replace any parts that may be defected.

For more information please visit – http://www.ropetreeswings.com/

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